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  • Quentin Davies, Gascoigne Wicks    Ted Culley - Sanford Ltd

    Go Ted! Gascoigne Wicks


    1 min ago

  • Carly Allen    Emma & Alistair McEwen

    Wishing a speedy recovery!


    3 mins ago

  • Mark    Help us pay for Dean's funeral expenses

    Hi Nara, You won't remember me but I met you at Steve Marshall's mum's place when you were about 12 I guess. And again when Dean and Eileen were in the rented house while renovating in Parnell. I know Dean from way back. He was probably about 18 when we met in Mt Albert and we shared many friends and had lots of memorable "events" before I went overseas aged 20. I caught up with him and your lovely mum several times (we were both keen on throwing money at slow horses...) but we both had families and that's just how it goes through life. You meet nice people and for some unknown reason you lose touch. Here's how I saw your father... I admired Dean very much - he achieved wonderful things through dedication, hard work and most of all through being a smart operator (and with a smart love and life partner!). He was a gentle soul and had an intelligent sense of humour. I liked him, and to be honest I don't like people easily. I think you and Evan are very lucky to have had a father with the many qualities that Dean possessed. But obviously you know that already. I know I am not alone wishing that I could have done more, done anything to help avoid this awful tragedy that you and your family are left to deal with. I believe in God, but have difficulty with accepting some of his/her challenges we have to face in our lives. May God give you all the strength to get through this. Keep feeling the love Dean showed to you all and be eternally grateful that you shared your life to this point with him. Your father is special and will remain so forever. Best wishes and love, Mark


    4 mins ago

  • Lyn Godfrey & Bob Holliday    Emma & Alistair McEwen

    Although we don't know you yet Alistair & Emma, we are so sorry to hear that this has happened in our lovely community. Our thoughts are with you, & wishing you Alistair a quick recovery,


    5 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Meridian Staff for KidsCan


    6 mins ago

  • Gregg and Ems    Emma & Alistair McEwen

    Wishing for a speedy recovery. All our thoughts. From another young family in Whitianga x


    7 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Emma & Alistair McEwen

    All the best xxx


    7 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Grieving family in need

    We will always remember you.


    13 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Get Kesia Home


    17 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    Emma & Alistair McEwen


    18 mins ago

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